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TimeDesign Version 5 has been released!

Onyx is pleased to announce that TimeDesign Version 5 has been released. There has been such a demand by everyone to get a preview of the program, that I have released it into the public domain for your perusal. The Stable version is now available.

The main purpose is to allow you, to start working with it and to give me some feedback and feature requests.

Click here to download TimeDesign 5 (zip install version). Release Date - 17 September 2011.


TimeDesign 5 Pricing

R1995.00 Incl. for a new package.

LESS 35% for existing version 4.1 users -> R 1295.00

LESS 25% for existing version 4.0 users -> R 1495.00

LESS 15% for existing version 3.x users -> R 1695.00

LESS 10% for any previous versions - R 1795.00

The cost of TimeDesign is only R1995.00 (ZAR - South African Rands - Approx $295.00 USD )

Please note, the pricing may fluctuate slightly based off the exchange rate.


Click here to buy TimeDesign

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