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Hi Patrick
Compliments of the season to you. Many thanks for the update. I managed
to create a timetable reasonably easily in the end and also was able to
accomodate the majority of the staff's special requests.

Being able to use your programme meant that I was able to devote my time
to studying during the holidays and not be distracted by having to spend
hours fiddling with the timetable.

Peter Davidson - Fish Hoek Middle School

Thanks Patrick

I was trying to load the registration after I had been working on my file.
I entered it before I opened my file and bingo it worked.
Thanks for your wonderful programme. Next time it will literally take me only an afternoon.
Probable less as I have all the data in.

I should hire myself out to other schools.

Sally Morch – New Zealand


(removed extra info)

This programme is one of the best I have used to do a timetable. We have a complicted setup at our school and it manged to solve it with a minimal of changes.

I will include my data for interest.


Wendy Horn – Settlers High – Cape


From Avril’s office I understand that you are the programmer for Time Design.

Well done the software is really the best I have worked with so far. As you can see I am the EMIS/IT coordinator in the Free State province and my schools are really crazy about your software. Would it be possible to send me your latest *.exe that runs with Edusol SAMS – I am still using the February version.

Thanking you in advance.

F H Kok
FS Dept. of Education
Private Bag X 20565 / Privaatsak X20565
Web site: http://www.fsdoe.fs.gov.za



Many, many thanks. Your program continues to save me time, I find the ability to instantly 'cover' staff absences a godsend.

Best Regards

Roy - Chilton Cantelo School - United Kingdom



Morning Patrick

I have worked with Timedesign from the start and want to congratulate you on this latest effort. It is especially the option to write reports to Word that impress. The printouts in Word is much much better and more easily read than the excel option - outstanding

There is only one option I really would like you to bring back to T5, if it is possible, and that is the option to input the periods, Max and min per day etc in the layout tab.

Congratulations with T5 -

Dit maak die werk van 'n onderwyser 100X ligter en makliker anders ....

(translation: "It makes the work of an educator 100 times lighter and easier, otherwise...)

 Kind regards




Thanks for the response. I did not expected an answer from you, I was only boasting about TimeDesign itself and my use (knowledge) of it.

Thanks for drawing my attention to Timedesign 5. I have downloaded it and "instructed TD5 to make the same timetable that I have created with TD4 in July.

I have browsed Timedesign 5 briefly and I  loved what I have seen.

As you will see from the attached Word document TD5 has improved the packing time tremendously.

You can be very proud of a wonderful product


Once again: Congratulations and Thank You for a fine product.


Sias Bolton