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TimeDesign can only be described as the simplest and easiest way to create timetables for schools and training institutions.

The main features are:

  • A once off purchase – no more yearly license fees maintenance releases are also free, but a small fee may be charged for version upgrades.
  • An unlimited number of periods per day.
  • An unlimited number of days within a cycle.
  • An unlimited number of educators, classes, rooms and subjects within a group.
  • Multiple educators can teach the same subject.
  • Part-time educators - you can specify what periods are available for teaching.
  • The program learns from your data and adapts its solving method accordingly.
  • The ability to load the tables into Excel for personalisation and printing.
  • The ability to import  and export data from an external source (Text and XML). (New)
  • The ability to print directly from the program (HTML, XML). (New)
  • Print a Single Timetable from the program. (New)
  • The ability to save the files as HTML, so that it can be published directly to a server. (New)
  • Right click and delete options in the layout page. (New)
  • Multiple selections in the layout page using Ctrl or Shift keys. (New)
  • Multilingual. (New)
  • Copy a timetable directly to the clipboard and past into Excel. (New)
  • Email support from within the program. (New)
  • Online program and language pack updates. (New)

TimeDesign is the recommended timetabling program for the Free State Department of Education.

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Patrick Schutte on +27 72 972-2661


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The cost of TimeDesign is only R1995.00 (ZAR - South African Rands )